Do you have an urgent legal problem and don`t know where to turn? Ehrhardt, Elsner & Cooley have established experience in a variety of areas of law, from standard cases to complex factual and financial issues, from criminal defense to cutting-edge cases. Faced with a difficult legal situation, you need a compassionate and efficient team of Alaskan lawyers in your corner. We never forget that your case concerns you – your reputation, your wealth, your livelihood – and we fight hard to ensure the optimal result, regardless of your legal situation. He also worked as a teaching assistant and tutor for legal drafting and contracts, and successfully engaged in their advocacy program. We`re not just Kenai lawyers, we`re fellow Alaskans who care and have opinions about what`s going on in our state — especially things that may affect your legal future. Read on for blogs about Alaska`s marijuana law, criminal justice reform, and more. When you hear about other people`s experiences with 907 Legal, you can know that you are in good hands with our lawyers. Read three recent reviews below and trust that if you face a legal hurdle, we`ll be with you every step of the way. The legal system is complicated, and having proven Alaskan lawyers in your corner can mean the difference between a lost result and the result you deserve. We know that legal issues can be stressful and overwhelming.

That`s why we work with you to make the legal system understandable and to advise you directly, simply and honestly. Alaskan lawyers with over 50 years of combined legal experience, we are ready to assist Alaskans on the Kenai Peninsula and beyond in the areas of personal injury law, criminal defense, and general litigation. Don`t underestimate the severity of DUI fees. An arrest for drunk driving should not be taken lightly. Conviction for drunk driving can seriously affect your livelihood. Learn more. Yelp users didn`t ask any questions about the law firm Ehrhardt, Elsner, and Cooley. The 907 lawyers are some of the most competent and hardworking people I`ve ever met! These guys really know their tricks and can really help you no matter the situation. Register your number! Kenai Peninsula`s leading full-service law firm. Our very young client was charged with five crimes, deprived of his parents and sent to prison on the simple charge of his classmates.

Through extensive discovery and research, we found that a close-knit group of individuals and family members had come together to make false statements. The state was eventually forced to dismiss all charges in light of our request for a jury trial. 907 Legal was professional from start to finish and showed me first class service. They helped me with a very important custody case and respected my wishes to take the “main street” and focused on the main objective (the well-being of the children) and did not mix in the garbage of the case. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a lawyer with ethical and moral values. Amazing avocado!! Great staff!! I couldn`t be happier with the result! I was at the end of my mind when I had to face another battle for the guard. [Josh Cooley] was very open about the price and often informed me of what would save me something or cost me more. He and his staff are very easy to talk about and very easy going. Josh was up to date at all times, he and his staff gave me comfort, hope and peace knowing they were taking care of him. They treated my case with class!! All of our staff are committed to meeting your needs. Read more Will attended Southern Methodist University`s Deadman School of Law and received his J.D.

in 2003, again with distinction. While at FPTP, Will was a member and editor for the SMU Law Review. Our client was a passenger in a car and was not wearing his seat belt when the car crashed on an icy road, causing significant back injuries. Through negotiations, our office was able to secure a $100,000 severance package to help our client recover enough money not only to recover medically, but also to begin his studies to learn a new career that required little manual labor and stress for his injured back. Ehrhardt, Elsner and Cooley made big profits for clients and were involved in some of the most influential affairs in the history of the state. Click below to learn more about some of our most notable achievements. Will grew up in rural and agricultural Texas and studied agriculture and economics at Stephen F. Austin State University, where he earned a bachelor`s degree in agribusiness with honors in 1998. After working for an international automaker and another domestic automaker, Will brought his attention and dedication to the law.

I think there are programs in the state of Alaska that are useful for drugs and alcohol in prisons. I don`t think many other rehabilitations. You have done a great job for me. You put all your heart and soul into dealing with my case and I am very happy with the result. The law firm Ehrhardt, Elsner and Cooley is open Mon, Tue, Sea, Game, Fri. Our client was charged with fourth-degree domestic violence after his long-time partner and the mother of his children falsely accused him of pushing her. We were able to show the jury that she was indeed the perpetrator and that she was using the criminal justice system to gain an advantage in custody. The jury saw through its history and quickly rendered an acquittal. Make an appointment for a consultation. Understand your case. Call 907-283-2876 How is the law firm Ehrhardt, Elsner and Cooley evaluated? Our client was not identified as a father when the state removed a child.

Once identified, the state threw away its feet and tried to put barriers in the way to bring this child home to her father. By ensuring that he was recognized as a father and took an aggressive position on process, we were able to get the child to where he belonged. While health care and insurance companies were busy limiting victims` ability to receive damage caused by preventable medical errors. Our client, a man in his twenties, was sleeping in his friend`s car. His friend left without waking him up. It was winter and the streets were filled with snow. As he approached the highway, the driver was unable to stop and continued to the side of a 6- to 8-foot descent. Our client was not tied up and was thrown into the small car. He suffered significant back injuries, but with this injury, he continued to try to find work.

Through negotiations, our office was able to get $100,000 severance pay to help our client recover enough money not only to recover medically, but also to begin his studies to learn a new career that didn`t require as much manual labor and stress for his injured back. Our client was burdened with DUI, and despite a solid performance in the road “tests”, he exceeded the limit. The prosecutor refused to reduce or dismiss the charges, so we took the case to court. In a glowing cross-examination, the state expert had to admit that the breath test procedures did not meet scientifically established standards, and the jury was suspended. The prosecutor offered a reduced charge and our client left without a DUI in his file.